Vendor Information


To all of our loyal artisans, vendors, shoppers, and volunteers,
Canmore Preschool regrets to announce that for the first time in more than 20 years we have to cancel the Canmore Christmas Artisans Market. We have searched high and low for a venue that will accommodate our event, but with all the new and evolving regulations on indoor gatherings, we just haven’t found a scenario that will allow the market to remain anything like normal. We sincerely hope that this is just a one-year hiatus, and we will begin planning for November 2021 late next spring.
We wish you all the very best, and will be in touch in 2021. With great appreciation for many wonderful years past and future,
The Canmore Preschool Board

The 25th annual Canmore Christmas Artisans’ Market is cancelled.

Applications for the 2020 Artisans’ Market are now closed.

As we are usually full with returning vendors in a number of categories, we typically cannot accept applications in these categories: jewelry, art cards, photography, pottery.

To be eligible to apply to the market, we have the following criteria:

  • All items will be handmade and be sold by the artist/artisan who made them.
  • There will be no imported or machine-made items at the sale, nor items purchased for resale. Exceptions will be made for items such as books or CDs sold by the musician/composer/author.
  • New exhibitors will be accepted through a jurying process based on quality of craftsmanship, the uniqueness of the product at our market, originality of design, how local the applicant is to Canmore, and our ability to accommodate the space size/set up requested.